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7th-Dec-2011 10:11 pm - A public post for my biggest fan
Dear my biggest fan,

Thank you for pulling in my driveway over the summer and seeing me in a sun dress and finding it to be your personal right to take a fucking picture of me. Thanks for then showing your picture to your "event" full of mostly white trash and telling them I am a "home wrecking PREGNANT whore". This takes the cake. I hope you are proud of yourself you nosey ass piece of shit that I wouldn't piss on if you were on fire. You have made my fucking day. I guess you would feel vindicated in some sick ass way because your lazy, sorry ass excuse of a piece of shit cunt daughter was unable to satisfy her Husband and he became my dear friend. Now you and your family feel it's you're right to assume you know what the fuck the situation is.

You are lucky I am burning up inside and am not stupid enough to take my anger out on you. I refuse to stoop to your immature ass level and meet you at work and tell you what's really on my mind. Look bitch.....matter a fact....look the whole dumb ass family. Stay the shit out of my business and leave me the fuck alone. You're whole family is fucked up and you have the right to talk about me? Look in the mirror, stop stirring the pot and focus on your own low class crap family. Not me. I am not one to be fucked with and what you did was totally inappropriate. Not surprised that your redneck trashy ass family would know any god damn better.
9th-May-2011 08:48 am - This journal
This journal will no longer be "dedicated" towards the hope of fixing my marriage. It will be about me and my life. The boring shit nobody normally wants to read about. The color of my curtains, my toe nail polish, life's gripes, and pleasures. Feel free to stick around if you want. This will be..........my outlet for anything and everything I should choose to post about.
20th-Dec-2009 03:24 pm(no subject)
This journal is "friends only" and may contain adult content.  Nothing to interesting so move along kiddies.  If you're really intrigued, add me then leave a comment and based on your lj....I may add you.  If I don't....do not be offended.  I assure you it's nothing personal.
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